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Hello my name is Matthew Hess and I am the founder and operator of LearnReason.com….well LearnHowToReason.com which I changed to LearnReason.com. I started this website back in 2012 to help people learn everything there is about making great music and do it all for free. I wanted this websites focus to be on the fundamentals which I believe is being lost in the noise of the home studio music revolution. I came up with the idea to have a Widget that you could scroll just like in Reason when you scroll the devices and have links to lots of video tutorials for each device and along with it a mini little forum for each device or subject so people could ask questions and help each other. I call it the HLI, Hyper Learning Interface, its a part of my philosophy to help people learn.

A little about my musical background….Mother played the piano and taught lessons and my father loved playing the guitar and so did my uncles. In my teens we moved to Florida and I became friends with a ton of musicians. I remember my best friend Dean calling me and telling me he had bought a PortaStudio 4 track….those were the days. When I look back on all the people I grow up with in those days most all of them are still in the music business in some way or still playing…. it’s pretty cool.  As far as me I love to play everything this way if there is a jam you will have a better chance of playing all night. I play the Drums, Guitar,Bass, Piano/Keys and Sing.

I have been using Reason since Version 4 but I have been recording with DAW’s since 1998 when I bought my first DAW Cubase. I soon sold it and bought SAWStudio, I loved that it had a virtual mixer and I did not have to have a super fast computer. As the years went on I was moving my studio to a full on digital studio. I sold my Mesa Boogie, chopped up my drums to make triggers out of them and sold my Yamaha S80. I had been demoing Reason and really liked how easy and great it worked so I bought Reason 4. Soon came Record and here we are today.

I hope this was informative and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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