Learn Reason is all about helping you learn Reason and everything there is to making great music. There are two websites that help do this. LearnReason.com is the Blog and ReasonForums.com are
the forums and together with their social sites I am able to really make the objective flow. I did not want to use bbpress for the forums as it does not have the features we need. To login to either site is
easy and you have options to login in with email or your social account.


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  1. Why is it that everyone always assumes the world and its dog are involved with social media? I would like to support this, site but have absolutely no interest in Facebook, Twitter et al

  2. I have registered independently (ps don’t use social media) and I have contacted you through your contact link and still I have not received my confirmation link, I was impressed with your YouTube tutorials but not impressed with this site…

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