It’s funny how every day is a new day and you can think about and plan to the ends your life but still get slapped in the face with something cool when you are not looking. How often do you try new things? I am sure there are many of you that do not play the Bass or Guitar…ect. A new year is upon us and I think it would be real cool to broaden your musical abilities. Everything you add to your musical tool chest is a wealth of inspiration and ability. Hanging around for a new update or new thing is a waste of your musical life, its time to focus on you and the artist deep inside you that most likely is not heard and put aside because you can’t get away from the addicting noise of new, update, better, all the while you are a thought away from unleashing something you may not even know you can and want to do.

I leave you with a poem I wrote today and it was a slap in the face that I had never planned for, I do not wrote poems, I never really gave them much thought. I do think I can and throw away the thoughts, I can’t. I do, I go for it and you should to.

My first poem.


So hard, are the choices, the artist must make.

Twenty five ways to go, with too many directions.

The student longs to learn, eyes wide open.

The teacher, pushes a book on a rail.

Others are everywhere, they fuel themselves.

Community of noise, smears the goal.

Close your eyes, nothing but black.

Thought, without the color of others,

Reveals itself.

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