Is Blamsoft’s VK-2 the analog king?

LearnReason True Review! Blamsoft’s new VK-2 synthesizer is an updated version of their VK-1 synthesizer with many new updates. I am not one for doing reviews on equipment I rather like to hear what others think and from that we all can get a more open understanding of somethings true abilities and pro/cons. Now through ... Read More

Reason 9 – Matt Responds Part 1

  Running LearnReason.com is not an easy thing to do but I do it because I like to do it. I really like helping people so I thought I would share my YouTube comment feed so you can see all the questions and comments I get. Cheers and Rock on!

Nudge Clips and Midi Notes in Reason 9

On Shortcut Sundays we teach you Reason 9 shortcuts. In this Reason 9 tutorial you will learn how to nudge clips and midi notes using keyboard shortcuts. There are three different ways you can nudge clips and midi notes in Reason 9 and they are By Snap Unit, One Beat and One Tick.

Learn Dual Arpeggio – Reason 9 – LearnReason.com

The new Dual Arpeggio device in Propellerheads Reason 9 is really a beast of a device. At its core it is just two arpeggios but what makes the Dual Arpeggio so unique is that you can easily trigger both arpeggios at the same time. Since it is two individual arpeggios you can set them up ... Read More

Learn Note Echo – Reason 9 – LearnReason.com

The Note Echo in Reason 9 is one of the devices in the new category called Players from Propellerheads. What the Note Echo does is repeat the midi data you play into it not the audio and this makes it unique because it always it to repeat everything in the way you play your midi ... Read More