Learn how to Mix a Song in Reason

Learn how to Mix a Song in Reason

Mixing is an ART but there are some tried and true methods and Science that goes with it. One of the hardest things to learn about mixing audio is the ability to hear the frequencies of Instruments/vocals. I read a lot on forums and thought long about how a good Mixing Tutorial Series would best benefit the Reason Community and beyond. There are so many mixing tutorials out there and I wanted to break it down to the science and fundamentals of mixing and leave all the noise out, noise is the 1000’s of effects out there, I wanted to push all of them to the side and bring Reason’s Virtual SSL Console front and center and show you mixing in an elementary way that is powerful. This mixer is as real as real can be in the virtual world and it kicks ass even if you really don’t have a clue on how to mix. But if you master it and then learn the Science and Fundamentals of how to mix audio you will move into the pro dimension of mixing. The Pros have the ability to hear the Frequencies and find them and then they just use the mixers abilities to sculpt them. This tutorial series covers everything from start to finish that you will need to know to be able to mix and master a song.

Get ready to learn how to mix and master like never before, I guarantee you are going to be happy with the way your mixing/mastering gets way better and did I say it was Free! Do not keep this to yourself share it!

Music by Snarsk Hats: https://soundcloud.com/snarsk-hats
Vocals by NNXT: http://nnxtmusic.com/

Click the playlist at the top left corner of the video to select a tutorial. What do you think about this series, have something to share, need help, please post it here.

6 thoughts on “Learn how to Mix a Song in Reason

  1. Hi Matt I wanted to thank you for creating your videos they are super helpful and down to earth.
    I like the way you explain mastering. I think people have always made it seem like you need magic dust or something more to make it happen but I think it’s great that you can record mix and master all in Reason awesome !!!

    By the way I don’t if you have mentioned in your videos but do you record in 44 or 48 and does it really make a difference whats your take ?

    Thanks again looking forward to Reason 9 !!!

  2. I record mostly in 48 and the reason is simply that I want to do everything I can from the start to get the best recording and that recording is going to end up in the VSSL and IMHO I really like to make all of my mixing as easy as possible.

  3. Hi Matt! Is the source reason file available somewhere so we can gain experience mixing this while we watch your Youtube videos?

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