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In this Learn How To Mix series Matt shows you how to mix a song in the Electronic music genre. There are many types of music genres and each has its own identity and sonic signature. Also in this Learn How To Mix series Matt is going to show you how to convert a Reason 4 song to Reason 9. The VSSL is a much better mixer than the 14×2 mixer in Reason 4 and converting these older Reason 4 song files is well worth the effort. Also if you are going to convert them why not learn some tried and true fundamentals and sonic strategies that are vital to the Electronic music genre when mixing? The song we will mix is going to be over 30 tracks and have tons of elements fighting for space in the same frequencies. Matt is going to show you in his tried and true way how to take an ok mix and turn it into a great mix that will play on everything great.

The Electronic genre is made up of almost 100 genre types that fall into its category and in most of them you will have synthesizers and lots of them and because of this mixing Electronic music always seems to fall prey to, what Matt calls it, the Electronic Illusion. This is a sonic illusion that makes you think you are hearing defined elements and huge sound from the over use of reverb. The Electronic genre calls for big wide open mixes more than not and there are tried and true ways to make it happen and do it in reality 😉

SpryxThe song is really a gem as it has great melodies that grab you and pull you along, I really like the song and think it was very well thought out and structured. One of the members of the LearnReason community who goes by Spryx sent this song in when I had been looking for some songs to use in mixing series. A big thanks goes out to Spryx for letting us use his song to help out everyone. Take some time and visit his Allihoopa page and make sure to follow him, he is always writing and creating great music.

Music by Spryx: https://allihoopa.com/spryx


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