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In this tutorial Matt shows you how the new Pitch Edit feature in Propellerheads Reason 9 works. The new Pitch Edit really is a powerful feature that is really easy to use and sounds great. Also Matt shows you how to quantize your vocals another way in Pitch Edit. Vocal pitch correction in Reason 9 is here, it sounds great and it’s easy to use.

4 thoughts on “Learn Pitch Edit – Vocal Quantizing – Reason 9 – LearnReason.com

  1. Hey Matt thanks for the video.
    I was wondering would you still use Neptune along with this new technology or is it not necessary.
    I know Neptune can be used to create harmonies but would it be redundant for pitch edit?

  2. Neptune is a super easy vocal fixer/effect/synth harmony maker. Pitch Edit is more of a surgical vocal fixer that can also do a lot of other things like quantize vocals with surgical precision. A way of using them together could be to fix the vocals and than add in a synth harmony. There are tons of other ways also…it is really nice to have options.

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