Learn Reason Mix List

Learn Reason Mix List

I don’t know about you but I can say through the years I have read, talked and viewed so much on the subject of mixing and for the most part it had confused me more than helped. Mixing along with all ART is full of so much passion and opinion it can be extremely hard to simplify it. I took all that I had learned and put it into a list that was easy to understand. This is the way I go about it and think about it in my mind, its method based and I follow this method every time I mix. What makes this so cool, at least for me it does, is I just go down the list in order and it works. Once you understand the fundamentals of each step you will be getting great mixes and doing it consistently because you just follow the steps or should say Tried and True methods.

Think of this list as the building blocks of a mix. You can see all these things in action in my Learn How To Mix Tutorial Series. There is also my SSL Mixer Video Series to teach you how the Mixer works in Reason, this is a must as you will never get a good mix until you understand how the mixer works. Here at LearnReason.com the goal is to cut through all the noise and make it easy.

Here is the Learn Reason Mix List

1. Level: This is part of Gain Staging and is your Stagnant Mix.
2. Listen: Get a feel for the song as a whole.
3. Individualize: Give each element its own Space/Presence in the mix.
4. Placement: Panning/Leveling,Automation and Effects.
5. Reboot: Take a Day off/Hours off to get away from the mix, this reboots your mind.
6. Tweak: Listen, fine tune, add, take way, adjust, finalize.
7. Ready to Master.

What do you think, have something to share? Also why keep this to yourself, share it, it’s the cool thing to do.

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