Learn Scream 4 in Reason

Learn Scream 4 in Reason

Distortion is a must have effect in the studio it can add grit, color, attitude and set a mode. In Reason we have the Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit and it has all the tools to fully take your audio and become its god. Imagine having all your favorite distortion pedals and overdrive boxes transformed into one shiny, rackmounted Reason device. Add a touch of speaker modeling and a rough sounding EQ section and you have Scream 4, the ultimate sound destruction unit. With a wide variety of built-in damage methods, Scream 4 is capable of mangling audio in more ways than one. Use it for digital bit crushing, or regular crushing, or just for adding analog warmth and body to your sounds. If you’re into creative distortion, this unit is your friend to the end.

Damage Types

Scream 4 features ten different damage methods or distortion types, each with its own evil character: Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Tube, Tape, Feedback, Modulate, Warp, Digital and Scream. The P1 and P2 knobs let you tweak parameters within the selected damage type; in “Digital”, P1 controls bit resolution and P2 controls the sample rate. In the “Fuzz” setting, P1 alters the Tone and P2 controls the level of Presence.
The Damage Control knob controls the amount of damage inflicted on your incoming audio, from mild overdrive to full-on mayhem.


The Cut section is a basic but effective +/- 18 dB Equalizer. With sliders for the classic low, mid and high frequency areas, this section adds more control to your already controllable distortion chain. And don’t be fooled by the name, this thing can boost as well as it cuts.

The Body Section

Last in the signal chain is the Body Section, an effect within the effect designed to add a little muscle to your sound. The Body Section could be described as a type of speaker simulator, but that’s only half the story. There are five basic Body types to choose from – each with its own vibe and method – and separate controls for Body Resonance and Body Scale.

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