Master A Song – Reason –

In this tutorial Matt masters the song he mixed in the Learn How To Mix tutorial
series. Mastering a song in Propellerheads Reason is actually very easy to do
if you have taken the time to mix the song correctly. Mastering a song is so
misunderstood by so many because so much emphasis is put on mastering
and not how a song is mixed thus people think that when mastering a song
it will somehow make the mix sound good in the end which it never will or
can do if the mix was bad.

Mastering a song is really nothing more than optimizing the stereo file to add
a little width and shine which is done by effecting the Mid/Side signals
and if the stereo file is not good than the master will only reflect this. Never
fall for those that say they can somehow make you muddy mix sound
great or a plugin that claims it will make your mix come to life. A great
master is a product of nothing more than a great recording and great
mixing using the EQ/Dynamics/Panning and Effects that come in Reason.
There is no magic it all comes from fundamental simple knowledge that
anyone can learn if they just take a little time to learn and believe they can.

Please know that mastering does involve more than what this tutorials
topic is about which is simply mastering a song and not songs, that’s
for another tutorial.

Download the Mix Files from these two places:

Visit our Allihoopa page to download Mix Files

Music by Snarsk Hats:
Vocals by NNXT:

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