Masters vs Presets

Masters vs Presets

Lets step back in time to the 70’s when everything was still analog, Mixer, Effects and Instruments. Back then it was a music business boom with amazing music being recorded by bands that have stood the test of time and the studio engineers of that time right along with them. With everything being analog this meant everyone had to program everything because there was no digital which is what brought us Presets. Today you might look back to those days and think, it must have been very hard and time-consuming always having to program. Well I think there is another way to look at those times and it is this, back then everyone was forced to have to Master their tools otherwise they did not have a job or even worse they sucked at their craft. So now we have two prospectives on those times and I think we should put them side by side and weigh them out and have them fight each other and lets see who wins?

Here are rules: We will figure out which one offers more Convenience, the one with the most wins…WHAT! Wait a second you may be thinking, this is a no brainer Presets are way more convenient, they will win for sure! Ok fair enough, if you think this that’s cool but I will ask you are wiling to open up your tunnel thinking mind to see what truths you might be missing out on? That was harsh Matt, ok I am sorry, I will rephrase….are you willing to look at the Convenience of each impartially?

To the contest!

First up are Presets! Let’s hear it for Presets! They have been around since the mid 80’s and with them came the convenience of saving settings. With the ability to save settings engineers could go back to settings they had used in earlier recordings, this was very handy with Mixer settings, saving settings made it easy to recall Instrument, Mixer and Effect settings +1. This in turn opened up a market for sound designers but that does not fall into the convenience category..bummer. Wait because sound designers could make presets this let people who had no clue about sound design be able to see the settings of effects, instruments and even mixers and this could help them get good sounds out of these devices that they may never have been able to do with out them…..Mmmmm I believe this would fall into the Help category…sorry. Come there has to be more! Sorry I can not think of any more, please post below if you come up with any….no wait! Matt what the hell is going on here? Presets get only 1 surely there has to be more than just “Save Settings” as a Convenience to Presets? Sorry I can’t think of any but I am all ears and willing to learn.

Next up is Mastering these devices…Mixers, Effects and Instruments. Lets hear it for the Masters! Ok we are talking about Convenience here so if someone who has mastered an Effect, Instrument or Mixer wants to do something they can just do it because they have the Convenience of having total knowledge of the devices and their uses, they do not have to look any further than the device, they do not even have to open up a preset list +1. Masters do not need to carry anything, USB Storage, CD, DVD, with them or count on anyone else for them to get the sound they want +1. Masters are able to make presets and this is a convenient way to make some extra money +1. Ok I think that’s enough and if you have read this far, I tip my hat to you.

The whole point here is this… Presets are great but their main function from the Masters needs is to help the non master have excess to their knowledge, this may seem a bit ridicules to you but I believe it is true. I hope this article made you think a little outside the beaten path and hope it puts a spark in you to pick an Instrument, effect, mixer and Master it and maybe one day you can be the Master who is supplying the Presets.

Masters 3
Presets 1

Did I nail it or am I way off, maybe a bit close to the truth or just plain nuts?

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