Reason Radio at ReasonForums

Reason Radio at ReasonForums

Have you ever wondered what this is all for, all the DAW’s the equipment and talk?
Effects and instruments one after another come out every week it seems and there
is so much talk about them while they just sit there waiting to be used.
Reason Radio started back a couple of years ago and it’s had a slow start but
that’s the way things are in the music biz.

Going forward Reason Radio will be tapping Allihoopa and the
Music Forum @ ReasonForums for their next track and when a song
is picked ReasonRadio will be broadcasting it out to its vast network of
1000’s of music lovers over its social networks.

Todays pick is by an artist/producer called Terrence “Esquire” Huggins and
his track that we tapped from the ReasonForums music forum is called Bliss.

DJ Matty Music Junk
“Bliss is a smooth refreshing track with a catchy hook that gets you into feeling
a punchy kick that rides you smoothly down your way”

Bliss is Track 7

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