Whats is Allihoopa?

Whats is Allihoopa?

So what is everyone thinking about Allihoopa the new Discover from Propellerheads.com which looks to be, after looking around the site, to be a music kinda FaceBook which people can share tracks, loops, ideas…ect or just videos, pictures of themselves and let you know a little more about their music mind. I took a look around the site, listened to some tracks and watched some videos and thought it to be pretty cool and in a way very hippy kind of, which is cool. Funny I ask “so what is everyone thinking about” because Allihoopa means everyone/together in Swedish. If you want to upload an idea, song, loop from Reason/Take/figure it now uploads it to your Allihoopa account where your ideas will live like they did when it was Discover but now it will be a little more of an open party and better communication…to that I say Allihoopa!

So I signed in with my Propellerheads account info and filled out everything and dropped a couple loops up to my profile https://allihoopa.com/MediaSVI as of yet you are stuck with the user name you selected when you login to Reason for the first time but you can add in what you want to be called on your profile but your @link will be your Propellerheads login name. Make sure you have a strong password setup because now your username is known but then it was always known on the old PH Forum right?

Your profile will have the same familiar Like, Share, Comment, Plays, Stats, Pics, Videos, @yourprofilename stuff we are all used to so it’s really as easy to use as Reason. The terms of using Allihoopa, after I read through them, can pretty much be summed up like this….You share your music with me, I share my music with you….. I can do anything with your music, you can do anything with my music.


Think of it as the yin and yang and that the powers of gave and take will always equal out which keeps things in check. Plus you can just drop your music to just your friends and then you can control it more.

I see great potential here as this is all so tightly woven into 3 great products made by Propellerhead which is a time-tested great company who put out products that are dead easy to use and their sound and creativity is second to none. Stay tuned to LearnReason.com and its social sites as I am going to go way deeper into this and show you how it can really help us all LearnReason and everything there is to making great music.

Well I hope this helps people understand Allihoopa a little more because its going to be a part of Reason going forward, go ahead setup your Allihoopa profile and drop some music up to it. There is a forum at ReasonFourms.com that you can share your links and talk about it also.  Rock on Allihoopa!

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