Workflow is right!

Workflow is right!

Coming in Reason 9 after a long wait of 18 months from the last full update are some really cool
things that will defiantly make the workflow flow. With Record we got the Neptune pitch adjuster
which is a dead easy way to correct vocals and add a little bling to them if you desire. Knowing
how easy it is to use and good sounding this only leads us to believe the new Pitch Edit in
Reason 9 is going to be a crowning jewel to Propellerheads vocal editing capabilities. If you
have ever used Melodyne you know how great of a tool it is and we are getting it with the
proven Propellerhead workflow

Convert audio to midi in ReasonNext up is the new Audio to Midi in Reason 9 and my gut says it is going to work as expected.
So here is what I am thinking as a flow….. I am working on this vocal and I want to back it up
with a synth, no maybe a piano, no maybe a smooth Rhodes sound? All I do is convert a
section of the vocal to midi and then try out or just put in the instrument I want that I was
hearing in my head just a minute ago…..I call that flow.


If we add in the new Scales & Chords it easy to see the direction Propellerhead is going.
Anyone and everyone can hum a tune and even if you do that a little out of tune you
will be on your way to making great music in Reason because it will help you flow
in the right direction.

So what do you think about the Reason workflow coming in Reason 9?


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