$199US for ReCycle?


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I see it on sale currently for $99, but I still can't figure why they'd sell it at all at this point, or at least make it reasonably cheap (no pun intended). I mean, has it changed in the past five years at all? Is it worth $200 in your opinion? I understand it'a a biz, but that's as mind-boggling as why there's still no ReBirth module or rack extension.


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Recycle is a handy tool, but if its worh $99 bucks this time around? Dunno..

5 years ago, I would say yes, if you do alot of cutting and wanting to work with dr rex alot..

The core of recycle is implemented from R7 and alot can be done with it, but recycle is alot more detailed when it comes to control.
I did ise recycle often before R7, now I hardltly use it whike I do resample quite a bit.
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