Adding Voices and/or Noise Samples to music pieces


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Does anybody have any first hand experience of adding samples of voices (from possibly film pieces/online talks/youtube even??!) or sounds (whether sampled as before or out in the real world).

I have been curiously looking at microphone attachments which can be used with mobile phones thinking that I could listen out for interesting noises whilst out traversing from day to day and record them.

I have only downloaded Reason 10 recently and then subsequently upgraded with the Reason 11 Suite package and have since been using the software whilst completely ignoring any tutorials!. Before Reason I have dabbled slightly with Ableton Live a few years back and before that pretty much only had experience using the Playstation1 music making software (the best music software ever!).

Currently I have absolutely no idea currently how to even get started properly with adding any sort of samples to music pieces.​


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How do you want to use the samples? Do you want to use them is .wav files in the seq or in a sampler or turn them into .rex files?
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