ambient track


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Further explorations in noise and ambient. This track was made almost entirely out of one sample from Ghost In The Shell (great film). It's kind of a Vangelis meets merzbow style track.

Hope you like it and all comments and constructive feedback greatly appreciated.




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Very interesting structure and sound choices it had me thinking I was in some futuristic far away land that is the place that instruments go when the die and they jam for eternity :cool:


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I like it Zetetic, Good work. Kinda reminds me (a little) of 'the future sound of london'.

Vocoderboy- I like the harsh noise, I think it really helps that dark eerie atmosphere.

Cheers Zetetic


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hey man i can't disagree with that i just found it a bit much for me.
i've always found this kind of track overpowering.


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Cool man.. One mans dream is another mans nightmare. And I think this is a soundtrack to the latter.
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