Are you gonna love me?


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This is well produced. Not exactly my style of music but sounds good in its style.
One thing that struck me about the track was the at the spacey elements were very upfront and when the beat dropped, those elements still dominated the mix making the overall effect somewhat subdued. Just how it appeared to me. Vocals sat very well though.
Good job.

Dan Topic

Reason Engineer
Thank you mate. I've spent too much time with remastering this song and probably get used to some louder elements. I'll check it again.


Reason Producer
a nice pop/dance track. i'll be honest tho her voice is annoying the snot out of me. but thats not your fault.


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Nice track!
Love the piano that keeps on. Gives it a dreamy feeling
Very good mix/mastering job IMO


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I think it's a really nicely mastered piece. Thought everything sat well and I quite liked the vocals. A bouncy ethereal feel to it. Very nice job. Big thumbs up from me.
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