Cant record Edrums with Midi in Reason 8 - Help :)


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Hey all,

I've been losing my mind trying to figure out why I can get audio output when I connect my Yamaha DTXplorer edrums to my Windows computer, but I cant get any recordings. Ive set up a combinator for the edrums to properly route the midi notes for all triggers into Reason, Ive set the Midi input to Bus B for my Midi hardware interface. edrums can produce sound, but no recording. I have a midi keyboard that can produce sounds as well as record midi notes no issues. edrums are set up in reason as well (i get sound when I play them.)

I've got my audio driver set as my ASIO Balance, in advanced Midi in the rack, I've set Bus B as my Midi hardware connection and set channel 10 as the Midi "In" to the "Combinator In" for my edrums. I feel like I'm missing one little thing to route the midi signal coming in to the audio track where I want to record. Any ideas?



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Can you simplify what you are trying to do and what equipment you are using?
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