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Why is it that I cant change the velocity (volume) of a certain snare pattern in my track?
When listening to my track in Block mode, the volume doesnt change when putting down the velocity.
What does happen is, that the bars of the corresponding snare are changing in colour, but no difference in sound:(


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Then there's you problem i reckon ;)

Just bypass it and check the meter, it should change now.

One neat little trick for more dynamic sounding snares (or everything for that matter):

When you have a reverb on your signal (and maybe some distortion) that then gets fed to a compressor you can actually change the tonality of the outgoing signal (the one after comping) by changing velocity. Here's why:

1. If you lets say have a gain of -2dB (with the mentioned fx) going in the compressor the compressor dependand on the its settings will squash the signal accordingly. Lets say it'll squash it 4dB.
2. Now if you increase the gain say at 0dB(or decrease offcourse to lets say -4dB) feeding in the compressor the compressor will do more squashing; 6dB (or less 2dB).
3. Because the fx in the chain, you'll notice (especially the reverb) that the fx'd texture will change, thus changing tonality, thus giving more dynamics (compressors change tonality on wide spectrum signals, think of mastering compression; sometimes you need a eq after the compressor to compensate for tonality changes).
4. The outputted volume will be pretty much the same, cause the compressor levels it out. So you wont notice difference in levels trough velocity change, but rather using velocity to change tonality.


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Ah man, it doesn't seem to work.
Not by turning on/off the comp on the snare bus.
I prob go wrong somewhere
I posted a pic to illustrate what I want.
These 5 darker bars need to be lower in volume than the rest.
I thought I could accomplish that through pulling down the bars (velocity down)


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did you already lower the velocity? cause in the pic it doesnt seem so.
Another thing; is that drum lane directly triggering a redrum? of does it trigger a combinatorin which the redrum is located? Cause if it is, then you need to enable velocity sending to the redrum (i think).
Otherswise, feel free to send me the file in question if you really cant figure it out ;)


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I lowered it numerous of times:p
But put it back to default while waiting for your answer.
So what you're saying is: automate?
The lane is directly triggering a redrum.
After checking vids out last night, I was convinced i could do it the way this video says; from 6:05


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well the thing is, it should just work. Especially since youre using a redrum. There has to be something that has been overlooked, cause it doesnt make any sense at all.
For bypass sake, plug the snares output directly to the main mixer so there isn't any bussing, effects, just none at all..

Ahum.... didnt think of this before (looking at a redrum on the corner of my right eye right now..) there is a knob saying "vel" on every redrum channel, next to the "level" knob. The Make sure this is set (i.e. the red light is lighting up). By default, it is set to a value of 40. So you can hold "ctrl" on your (qwerty)keyboard and click the know once. That'll set it to the default value...

Cant believe i didnt think of this before..... haha

EDIT: added a srcnshot:

ReDrum vel. RTFX's problem.jpg
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Well, automating the vel on the redrum did eventually the trick.
We both knew that from the start didn't we, because if it's a knob or a wheel it can be automated; 9/10 that is...
Still remains the question why it is not possible to do it the way Matt does it in the vid.
I'm having a Louis van Gaaltje right now; Is hij nou zo slim of ben ik nou zo......


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Well, you dont have to automate it! Just set it at the default value, which is 40 or set it to full (63). Automating it doesnt make any sense :p

The thing that the knob does, when it is NOT set to the 0 value (led isnt lighing up red) is that it is telling the redrum channel that velocity values should HAVE an impact on the volume. So in effect, when you raise the value even more (just once... dont automate.. :p ) then the velocity values will have more impact on the volume.

For instance. The "vel" value is set to 31 (for this example);
1 you have a snare with a full velocity value of 127 in your midi lane.
2 you have another snare with a velocity value of 63 in you midi lane.

When in this example, the "vel" knob on the redrum channel would've been set to full its max value (which turns out to be 63 instead of 127 due to negative and positive values), the velocity change in youre midi channel would effect the volume by around 50% (127:63 = around 50%).
But, cause it is set to 31 (in our example), it only allows for half of the volume impact due to velocity, which with a "vel knob" value of 31 in this example wouldn't be a 50%, but in stead would be 25%.

So, half of the velocity (127 = full 63 = half) in midi would impact the outgoing volume of the redrum by:
- 50% on max value of the "vel" knob set to 63 (max value)
- 25% on max value of the "vel" knob set to 31 (half value)

So in short:
Midi channel sends trigger to redrum with a velocity of 63 --> redrum gets trigger'd --> reads that the velocity impact that is allowed is 31 ("vel" knob is set to 31) --> ReDrum changes the volume accordingly; which is in this case, -25%

So in even shorter; just set the "vel" knob to a static value (for max impact set it to 63), then it should work.

Ennu, no worries.. Sommige dingen zie je wel eens over het heufd.. Der zijn ook zoveel knoppies :confused::p

On a side note: excuses me for the long anwser, thought it might be an idea to explain whats going on besides the tip "set the Vel knob to a static value".


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Thanks for your effort and breakdowns man.
Really appreciated.
But I need to sink it in a little to understand though.
I'm gonna get some good night sleep and get back to you tomorrow, or else, asap:D


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Ye don't rush it. But it's easier then it sounds, just heavily explained. Just couldn't find any easy way to explain without going into detail :p

But, like I mentioned. Just set the vel knob on the specific rectum channel to 40, you're problem Will vanish like a big splif in the winters wind


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-Thumb up-
Two off-topic things:
- U know which DAW Delic used during the Opgezwolle-era?
- I like Vast in de massa. Killertrack.
Could at liveshows be a real jumper during chorus.
I like that pattern with that mental sound.
You used Matrix?
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I believe Delic moved around cubase and logic, but im not to sure. I do know that Kubus likes to switch things around to stay creative, hes done a track on every daw on the market :p

But you mean Vast in de massa by Loewie? That track isn't produced by me ;)
The tracks i did for Loewie's "Vea Victis" were:
- Intro
- Fase 2
- The interlude after Fase 2
- Verder cruise

All other tracks or done by various other producers.

But, "Vast in de massa" sure was a banger when we did the live release last friday! :cool:
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