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Hello all!

I am a contemporary-classical professional-freelance composer and musician. In general I compose a lot of orchestral music.

I am wandering around the Internet and just interested in some new software that would help me realize my ideas in composing.

Is there anyone from this side (contemporary-classical; not pop/rap/techno/rave/etc...) that use Reason for music creation?

I am on Mac 10.6.8

I use mostly Logic (for improvisation recording, both MIDI and audio), Ableton Live (for MIDI effects like: Arpeggiator, Scale, Random...), Finale for notating, and other software for audio editing and notation.

I don’t know what is difference between Logic/Live and Reason, and where they excel.
 What I am mostly looking after is a powerful MIDI transformer, similar to what is found in Ableton Live: Arpeggiator, Scale, Chord etc plugins, but probably even some more. 
I would like to have ability to easily generate a scale, to add a chord, random arpeggio, delay etc.

 I would like to be able to record/write automation of these transformations, and finally to export it as MIDI or XML file for further editing/composing/orchestrating.

I am not so much interested of diverse sound-libraries, just a decent Piano sound is OK for me.

Any suggestions, clarifications, ideas I will appreciate extremely much.

All the best and thank you. Composer.


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well, reason's power is the "rack/ modular" feel, meaning how you can wire everything together and get creative with it.
Good soundbanks are important thought and from what ive heard the miroslav and some other one's are quite good, but dont offer as much variables (expression attenuation) as say some Kontakt library's.

Doing automation works really well in Reason from my opinion, find it alot easier then cubase for instance but then again, im working with reason for 6-7 years now.

I think that the best thing you could do is make a list of the functions your looking for, demo reason and go down the list bit by bit. You can go and try to create something but the demo version wont allow you to re-open any saved work and you can export audio i think.

Either way, welcome and good luck with it
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