Cyber Monday 2015 what did you get?


Sonic Singularity
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Ok the greatest day in interspace is here and the Reason Shop has a ton of things on sale and also all over the internet there are sales so what did you get?


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Hi Matt, I was going to pass on the Cyber Monday sale because I have tons and tons of VSTi and am pretty much done with needing any more, and was really happy with the thought of not buying anymore of anything. Of course I couldn't resist the chance to upgrade my Reason rack so I got Andidote, PX-7, Kuassa AT1, McDsp Moo Tube Compressor, Synchronous, Softube Valley People Dyna-Mite and Pulsar. I am so happy I did it. I'm now going to totally enjoy my Reason experience away from my VST world for a couple of weeks.
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