Doe anyone know why Reason affects Youtube and othe audio on my computer?


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Dose anyone know why Reason affects Youtube and other audio on my computer?

Hi everybody!
Haven't been posting a whole lot lately, but I wanted to mention a problem I've had more than once these last few years.
That is when I have Reason running it seems to disable the audio on Youtube AND other audio players like Winamp and
Windows Media Player. Now I often learn new songs by setting up a piano or something in Reason and then playing along
with Youtube or the mp3 on WinAmp. I get the chord progressions and key phrasing this way. Now for a long time i wasn't having
too much trouble with this. Even after building a new computer last year, switching to Windows8 and going 64 bit It was all working
Okay......some glitches, but usually fixable.
Now for the last month or two I haven't beem able to play any other audio while reason is running.

I'm hoping someone can help me out here.

I'm using an AMD chipset with 16 Gbs of RAM and Windows8. The only thing I've tried differently was a USB midi cable in place
of my old Tascam interface. I also have use Balance for Audio I-O.
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It isn't Reason per definition. Its your soundcard that hasn't been "given" to extra programs.
There is an tickbox that says "allow Reason to run in background", dunno if it'll fix it though.
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