Dry/Wet volume


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I am trying to understand the science behind the volume of, let's say the RV7 dig rev dry/wet knob.
When using this effect, the volume of the instrument or sound lowers in volume, the wetter is gets (couldn't put in in another way, sorry;))
Why is that and how does that work.
Has it something to do with signal splitting i.e.?


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The signal must be split in some way to have a wet/dry adjustment. The Wet/Dry adjust is there to help you dial in the amount of effect you want right from the effect. If you use this effect as a Send you need to put it all the way to Wet as the Send will now do the adjusting for you.

There really is not much to this all effects have different internal routing and because of this some have a more even volume when going from wet/dry.


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I think what he meant is that an incoming signal lowers in volume when fully drenched in reverb? If so, I believe it's purely due to the nature of reverb and a slight bit of "relative/ perceived" volume phenomenon.
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