Electro Swing/Hip Hop

I used to do beatmaking, now I want to try to produce something more original, between Hip Hop and electro swing, using old samples from the early 20th century and hip hop beats.
I'm using mainly Reason, Recycle, Melodyne and Audacity.

Keep it Up ;
Samples :
Edith Piaf - Elle a dit : vocal
Jacques Brel - Ne me quitte pas : vocals
Dvorak : Cello
Glenn Gould : piano

A chilly one : Puttin a Rake
Samples :
Moon Song - Annette Anshaw : Vocals and cello
Fred Astair - - Vocals
Andre Rieu - Harp

This one is actually a rather Hip Hop/Electro Beat I've produced associated with an Accapella frum Murk'a'Troid I've found on the web.
Samples :
Asterix - le bain de cléopatre (French Cartoon) : Main Loops
Accapella : Murk'a'Troid - Make it Rain

Let me know what you think, I've never done any advertising so you guys are almost my first listeners, I have no idea how it would be welcomed.
Advices for mixing and mastering and critics are welcome.

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Will go and have a listen tonight. Started off doing samples based hip hop as wel so I'm pretty curious,about what you have cooked up using samples from 3 different songs ;)
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