First Project In Reason 7


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Purchased Reason 7 in August of 2013. This was my test project. Done with only a laptop PC, Pod Studio interface and a dynamic mic.
Modules in Reason used:

Drums-Redrum preset pop kit
Piano-NN-19 Grandpiano preset
Background choir-My voice through Vocoder through the Malstrom synth.
String Pad-ID8 preset.
String Ensemble-NN-XT string presets.
Fretless Bass-NN-XT preset.
Guitar-NN-XT preset
The lead vocal on the first verse was put through only a half rack reverb and delay. Second verse was overdubbed with a duplicate vocal track through the Neptune voice synth.



Sonic Singularity
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I checked out your song and thought it a had nice analog feel to it and like the mix, I like it.
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