Getting warmer [House]


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A sunny track I laid down while being happy about the spring arriving.

No sequencers were used (except for the drums), all melody and bass elements were played live.
The pads were played on the microKORG, the bass and the synth hits came from the Moog Sub 37.

For recording I used Ableton Live Lite 9 (because of the session view), but then I bounced all individual tracks and did the mixing and mastering in Reason 8.1. I feel much more comfortable with Reason's mixing console than with Live's.



Reason Producer
nice little commercial synth sound to begin , the softer chords (synth) sounds a bit muffled but i suppose it leaves room in the E.q for the pad. nice use of varying percussion. old jonny could have been a bit further up in the mix but still a nice use of a humorous sample.
good track over all could do with being a tad shaper in places but a great effort never the less.
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