Granular Manoeuvres - New ReFill for Grain - 250 Patches


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Hey folks,

After a couple of months of blood, sweat, tears and an obsessive attention to detail, my first commercial ReFill product entitled Granular Manoeuvres is ready for release.

Packed full of warm organic tones, twisted film-score textures, lush analogue pads and drifting lofi-downtempo leads. Granular Manoeuvres has a strong focus organic analogue timbres and cinematic soundscapes such as those found on 1990’s Warp Records releases from Boards of Canada, Black Dog Productions, Autechre and Aphex Twin as well as 80’s film soundtracks from Vangelis, John Carpenter, Brad Fiedel et al and late 70’s ambient/avant-garde music from the all the usual suspects.

The Granular Manoeuvres ReFill contains a total of 250 patches including 50 Combinator ensembles and 50 waveforms for Reason 10’s new Grain Sample Manipulator.

Granular Manoeuvres is a collection of:

50 Ambience & texture patches
25 Gritty bass patches
50 Organic leads
50 Lush analogue pads
25 Animated movement patches
50 Combinator ensembles

As well as the single patches you also have 50 powerful Combinator ensembles featuring 2x patch layers with extra effects processing ala Korg workstation Combi mode or Roland and Yamaha’s Performance modes. Simply swap out the Grain elements with any of the included patches and tweak the Combinator controls for near infinite patch possibilities.

All off the ReFill content is built upon 50 Sampled waveforms/wavetables taken from my personal combinator collection containing a slew of Rack Extensions such as Synapse Audio Antidote, Rob Papen’s Predator and Korg’s Polysix as well as a plethora of RE FX and Reason stock devices.

The patches contained within Granular Manoeuvres all sound fantastic right off the bat, and include full velocity sensitivity and mod wheel assignments on every patch throughout the ReFill. All sounds are calibrated to average -12dBFS (VU) to avoid any unwanted sonic surprises.

Granular Manoeuvres is available for now £14.95


Nick Baxter
SKP Sound Design
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