Guitar In to Reason when Reason is slaved to Ableton


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I just upgraded my audio interface to a focusrite 616. It comes with some nifty plugins that i'm trying to access. As you probably know, reason doesn't use VST plugins so I'm trying to access them via ableton 9 lite.

I can slave reason to ableton via rewire, and i can route midi instruments to ableton.
I can record audio in reason and then route the recorded audio to ableton
but I can't input my guitar directly into reason and then route to ableton when it's being slaved to ableton.
It would seem that i'm missing something simple... but i can't see it. Any thoughts are appreciated.

I'm currently running on Mac OS10.10.4 using reason 8.3


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Do you have monitoring enabled?
And offcourse, wired the cables into the respective output that ableton picks up?

if so, then i wouldnt know.
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