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Wow! Reason really is something else! I have been using it in rewire for Logic X or Pro Tools. Sometimes I use it alone just to compose hip-hop beats (it is a great beat making DAW) for my friend out here called Rawger North. I have uploaded a reason file of what I have been worked on for him. But Reason is the one out of the three that actually gives my music its character.
Well, after much tears and heartache, I finally managed to get a podcast up (Don't be fooled by anybody, this is actually a very wearisome and timely process.) So I will link you to my podcast. There is only one song up, but there are much more to come. Please feel free to subscribe. The current song in there is not finished. I have noticed there should be more of a "buildup" on some parts, and that the harmonic overtones could deal with being less random. Let me know what you think for sure.
So basically I make beats for Rawger, but my "image" is not Hip-Hop. The genre I aim for is mixing minimal ambient trance house breakbeat chill-out; this you will hear in the podcast.

My Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/michael-ayres/id1031245987

Rawger North's beat: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0qtnq-CKLfvaHA0VzhYSk9Ld00 (a Reason file that will only open for Reason.)
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