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Hello from Australia. I am a bass guitar player, keyboard player and violinist. I am influenced by classical music, blues, punk, funk progressive rock and heavy metal.

I have Reason 8 and will be upgrading to Reason 9 soon. I also have a Behringer UMX610 61 note midi controller keyboard and I use a PC with Windows 7, I bought the keyboard second hand for a very low price. The manual for the keyboard and Reason don't really talk much about connecting it up so Im sort of doing it blind. I have one friend helping me who is probably a member of this forum.

He recommended I plug the keyboard directly into the back of my tower rather than a USB hub. He also told me to go into user preferences in Reason and select the keyboard from the options presented. He said the computer should detect the keyboard just like any new hardware being installed for the first time.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of while doing this process?

Thanks in anticipation.


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Cool let us know how things work out.

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If reason cant find your keyboard, select "other" at the "manufacterer" tab, then hit the "detect input" button and press a knob on your keyboard. If input is getting into reason all should be good now and you see a green bar lighting up.
Hit ok.

If yuo have latency issues, dive into "preferencs" and play around with the audio driver buffer size. Start low, if you hear crackles, increase the value (will increase latency as well)
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