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What's going on Reason Forums? I am new here on the forum but not new to Reason. Since Reason 5 things have changed so much. That is one of the biggest reasons I joined. Every little tip and trick I can learn from the community will be awesome. I left creating music for over 6 years to start my family with my wife. Now its time to get back into creating music again!!! I didn't go right back to where I left off. I tried out tons of different things before coming home to Reason. I tried MPC Ren, MPC 2500, NI Maschine Studio & Komplete Control S61, Ableton Push 2, NI Maschine Studio AGAIN... And I told myself " Go home to what you know works for you the best " So I bought Reason 8 and it came with the upgrade to Reason 9. I ordered myself the Nektar P6 to use with Reason. I will be also buying the Maschine Studio REMOTE FILE to use it with Reason.

I am a create digger and love vinyl records. I am a junkie for drum breaks!!!

Thanks for having me.
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Welcome and I agree with Osmose, post some music!

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