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Hi. I am Bob from Orlando Florida. Would appreciate some advice.

I am running Reason 8.2 on an ASUS Laptop Core I5 with 6 gb RAM running Windows 10. I keep getting messages saying "Your computer is too slow to run this song" if I use more than one combinator or Thor or even multiple instruments and effects. Very annoying.

Can someone recommend a PC configuration for a new PC that I could buy before I upgrade to Reason 9? Also if I have to go the MAC route what kind of configuration should I get? Is it less likely that I would get this message running on a MAC?

Appreciate any answers from the forum.




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Hey Bob I run reason 9 on a 13" 2016 MacBook pro. The only time I get this message is when my laptop is not plugged in or has a battery charge less than 50% or so. For the most part if you keep your laptop plugged in you should be fine unless your computer's processors are actually under par then you will need to upgrade. Hope this helps...

Mike from ft Lauderdale.

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well, an i5 with 6gb of ram should be enough. How is the rest of the computer acting then? Make sure there are no background utility's eating up cpu like virus scanners of useless adobe update armers and that sorta crap.

It really sound like something else is eating up your processing power


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You should be able to do way more with that PC, I used a Mac Mini for years Core Duo 2.4 with 8GB ram.

If you go to a Mac buy a used Mac Pro 2010 or newer, Quad Core 2.8 they are under $600 and you can upgrade them to six core 3.4 and put 32GB of ram in them. My Mac Pro is a quad core 2.8 with 7GB and works fine with Reason. I have not upgraded it yet but will when needed for very cheap.
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