I've been a Reason freak since someone gave me a Russian copy of Reason 3. I was stuck in a hotel with time on my hands, so started making sounds. I was raised a drummer/singer and knew were middle C was on a keyboard. That's pretty much it until, I plugged a Mini-Moog into my band-mates guitar amp and drove them mad. In the 80's, we formed an Electropop band with 7 synthesizers on stage. 3 releases with 3 songs getting licensed for film. Getting paid is good. So... I have the slightly glitch-y version 8.1 and here is some of my stuff.


Glad to be here and I plan to get some samples together I've created for the Kong and upload. More tasks to learn like packing it all together etc.

Mmmmmmmmmm Matt, maybe a little tutorial on packing, etc for file sharing. Later.... Chuck
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