Help need - how do I get Line 6 Floor Pod to control reason


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Hi guys,

I'm a guitarrist that is new to Reason, and I'm trying to get my Floor Pod to work as a controller for the effects I want to use out of Reason.
I've checked some tutorials online on how to get the combinator working, and I've manage to get it to work via MIDI for the expression pedals and the knobs on the pedal board. The problem is that I can't get it to recognize the Program Change signals that the pedal board generates.

Reason gets this message and reacts (sustain pedal):
status| data1| data2 | Ch1
B0 40 7F 1

But doesn't seem to recognize this one (program change):
status| data1| data2 | Ch1
C0 01 -- 1

Anyone out the that can give me a hand?



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Did you try right mouse click* "edit remodeling override" then twist a knob*

Reason should then recognize the midi input and assign it
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