Hi from Norway to the people of Reason forums.


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Hi all, my name is Nils and I'm from Norway. North Norway to be exact. Sortland is my home town.

I have been a live audio engineer since 1985 and I first came in contact with the Reason DAW in 2004(I think). Back then I tried out Reason 2.5 at a friends house and I instantly loved it. Then in 2014 I went ahead and bought Reason 8 and I still loved it but I never really had time to sit down to make anything before now. I just had way too much work on the road. Now my life has more time for making music so I am diving into Reason head first.

I just bought the Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB audio interface, hooked it up to my computer, started Reason 8 and it works like a dream. I also bought a pair of Focal Alpha 80 studio monitors to complete the tiny studio I have in my bus. Yes, actually I live in a bus (Volvo B54 from 1969) and it doubles as my home studio. Perfect for travelling audio recording.

Now my life is perfect with the brilliant DAW that Reason 8 is for me. I like it because the rack and its patching possibilities resembles the equipment I used on the road. Everything makes sense when it comes to patching audio from module to module at the back of the rack. I really like Reason. Just the other day I made a recording with 20 channels simultaneously feed from a Soundcraft Performer 1 with a MADI/USB card. I just hooked up the USB cable from the mixer card straight to the PC, started Reason, then started the Soundcraft USB control panel, assigned the channels in Reason and started recording. It was flawless. Just perfect. The only thing that made a hiccup was the fact that I didn't have enough disc space for 3 hours of recording. But I got most of the gig. Lost only 2 song at the end and it really didn't matter. Next time I will have enough disc space.

Well, I just wanted to share with all you people how good I think this DAW is. Also I'm looking forward to meeting people in this forum who are just as pleased with Reason as I am. And I need some advice on workflow.

Have a good weekend people.



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Welcome! We are here if you need help, just ask away and take a look around at all the great tutorials right here and you can take them on the road also ;)

We love to hear the music because that is what it is all about....the music Cheers brother!


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Welcome! I didnt even know volvo ever made a bus?! Haha

Im kinda of a volvo fan as well, which i fully blame on my father... haha
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