How to SAMPLE from other apps/players/youtube etc


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I think there should be a way to sample into Reason using source audio from elsewhere on the PC, like Windows Media Player playing an mp3, or from a youtube video, etc.

When Reason is set to use ASIO4ALL driver, no other program on the PC can produce any sound.
When Reason is set to use the PC's default "DX Primary Sound Driver", Windows Media Player can play audio as normal, but Reason isn't hearing it.

It shows 0 input devices available in the Prefs panel when set to the DX Primary driver, 2 input channels when set to ASIO4ALL.

Any suggestions? So far the only sampling I've been able to do is via USB microphone into the PC. I do not (yet?) have an external sound card/input device thingy. I'm toying with getting one, but not sure how it would solve this issue.

(Using Reason 9.5, Win7 64 bit, Lenovo desktop)

Thanks in advance.
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