Is Blamsoft's VK-2 the analog king?


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Blamsoft's new VK-2 synthesizer is an updated version of their VK-1 synthesizer with many new updates. I am not one for doing reviews on equipment I rather like to hear what others think and from that we all can get a more open understanding of somethings true abilities and pro/cons. Now through the end of April 2017 you can get the VK-2 at a reduced price. Better than that we all can download it and give it a try. When you have some time download the VK-2 and give it a good old try out and then let us all know what you think......this is called a LearnReason True Review!

Topics to think about while testing out the Viking VK-2

How does it rank in the analog sounds category of synthesizers?
How easy is it to use?
Rank the presets as a whole set, 1 being worst and 10 being best and why?

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