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The Pro Mixing Forum is the number one place on the internet to learn the fundamentals of mixing and mastering your music all in Reason. Learn from Matt aka Sonic Singularity, who has taught tens of thousands of people how to finally get their mixes sounding great. The years have brought us great fundamentals in the industry of mixing and mastering music and Matt has a great way of teaching and you are able to understand him and follow along easily.

Join the Pro Mixing Forum where you will find many more tutorials on mixing and mastering covering different genres, effect chains, buss effect methods, automation, mixer routing, mastering technics, theory, Reason, and much more. Also, get good true advice on your mixes.

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The mix is coming will you be ready for it?

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Hello Matt,

I'd like your opinion please. I am recently getting more and more into engineering and I am currently looking at Plug Ins and I am looking at the Waves SSL e Channel Plug in, but I am worried it is too much like the desk in Reason, so in your opinion would that plug in make sense to get?

I would rather get a next plug in that would make sense. My end game is to learn to mix better. I am not that much interested in mastering just yet as that's a next skill set.

Looking forward to your opinion.


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Hi Matt,

First of all, thank you for this project! I'm a Reason users from some time now but is only thanks by your channel and tutorials that I'm finally understanding what I'm doing!

Nevertheless, I extremely need help with an issue I'm having with a song.. what would be the best way to seek that help?

Thank you in advance
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