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Learn Studio Setup

Learn Studio Setup

What is a Studio, what defines a Studio? Well in the 21st century with its technology boom which gave us powerful home computers that could run Multitrack Digital Workstations that can record/mix audio and midi with ease anywhere you can plugin your computer in, I would say any room is a studio. Ok, so you have a room you are going to use for your studio now what? Well, it’s time to make a plan on how you are going to set up and arrange everything in your studio so you can hear your mix more accurately, work and write without clutter and more efficiently. The things you have to buy for a studio are not cheap so why bother investing in the equipment if you are not going to invest in your studio room? Ok enough, right here there are 12 tutorials covering almost every situation you might come across when trying to set up your studio in your home.

Click the playlist at the top corner of the video to select an episode and below is a list of the episode topics. Have something to share, need help? Post a before and after picture, please.

  • Episode 1: Get That Studio Out Of The Closet
  • Episode 2: Get Studio Out Of The Corner
  • Episode 3: Too Many Reflections
  • Episode 4: Average-Sized Room Bad Mixes
  • Episode 5: Super Small Cramped Studio
  • Episode 6: Tons of Equipment
  • Episode 7: Control Room Acoustics
  • Episode 8: Garage Studio Treatment
  • Episode 9: Treat Your Control Room
  • Episode 10: Tinny Room Problems
  • Episode 11: Mater Room Studio
  • Episode 12: Which Room To Use?
  • Episode 13: Build a podcast recording studio
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