M-Audio Oxygen 49 3rd gen knobs and sliders not detected by Reason 10 after upgrade


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I upgraded from Reason 8 to Reason 10. In the preferences I selected auto-detect and Reason recognized the M-Audio Oxygen and also notified that it will reprogram the preset 10 on the M-Audio Oxygen for the DirectLink. I have the preset 10 selected from my M-Audio Oxygen but Reason does not detect the knobs, buttons and sliders except for some peculiar reason the modwheel and pitch bend. The keys work normally. The situation is the same no matter which preset I use. Also in the Edit Remote Override Mapping, Reason does not recognize any other signals except the ones coming from either pitch bend or modwheel or keys. I have also tried to reset the Oxygen to factory settings but the situation remained the same. I would appreciate very much if anyone should have any ideas how to fix this. Thanks!

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