Mac Pro are they really that expensive?


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I have been in the search for a new computer as my 2010 Mac Mini 2.4 Core Duo that cam with 4gb ram is too slow for all my needs and the FW and CD do not work anymore. I prefer OSX as my operating system so I will be staying with a Mac and I wanted a Mac Pro.

The new Mac Pro's I do not like and they are way over priced IMHO. So after a lot of research I learned that the 2010 Mac Pro 5.1 model with a 2.8 quad core is a great computer that can be upgraded for very cheap to a 6 core or well above to a 12 core. On ebay I bought one for $591- Free Shipping and it comes with a 1TB fast drive and 7gb ram. I am going to upgade to 32gb ram for $150ish and in time move up to the 6 core for under $200 and know I have tons more upgrade ability going forward.

Just thought I would share this to let people know you can buy a Mac Pro for very cheap these days.

Also here are benchmarks of the Intel X5690 6-Core cpu you can find on ebay for around $200 and just drop it in this Mac Pro. Pretty amazing benchmark scores for sure for the cost.

CPU benchmarks

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