Matching drum pitch and velocity between sections


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I'm recording midi drum tracks by triggering samples from vdrums through ReDrum. I got a good intro, then verse, then chorus. However, I adjusted the pitch of the hihat before recording each of the sections not realizing that on playback I'd hear different pitches for each of the sections. Just thought hat would be at the current pitch setting. Any way to edit so the pitch is same in all sections?

Similarly, my velocity is noticeably less on the hat in the choruses. The part has accents and ghost notes, so I'd like to just bump up the had by about 10% in the choruses to match the verses.

Appreciate your time and help. Jeff.


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So you are triggering ReDrum with vdrum triggers and you want to adjust the midi you already recorded? If so select the midi track the Redrum is on, press f8, then chose the Sequencer Tools, then at the bottom you will see Extract notes and in that click on Explode. This will put each ReDrum instrument on its own track. Now you can select all the HH midi notes and edited them.
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