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Hi all,

I'm having problems, when mapping parameter knobs on any device in the rack. When I assign a rotary knob from my Akai LPD8 to a knob or slider on any device and turn the knob on my Akai de knob or slider goes from MIN to MAX value with every step of the rotary = 0,127,0,127,0,127,etc with every step of the rotary turn. Its' doing my head in!! With Ableton everything seems to be working perfectly fine.

Also asigning the drumpads on my Kong, is that done by note number assigned internally on the controller, if so how s the Kong mapped from Pad 1 to 16? can't seem to figure it out.

Hope anyone can sort this out, need to start aking some beats with Kong ASAP,



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That is because it a pure registration of the midi input, wich "cc" "channel" it is.
Just dont pay any attention to it, when mapped, it should work fine in little increments. If not, then you do have a issue.

Kong's pads are mapped according to "cc" input as well i believe. Probably alle midi input is.

But you need to manually map the pads in the first place? You sure you have the proper/ latest drivers?


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Im having the same problem when i try to use a Roland 2480cd as a control surface for reason 8. However the knobs on the roland have a ratchet feel to them where as when i use an akai mpk49 as midi controller the knobs on that are not of a ratchet feel and they change the values correctly.


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I believe that is because the faders are completely different, these are actual faders where the "knob like ones" are potentio meters so to say.
The latter is ussually more friction less.
Offcourse there is the difference in quality as well.
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