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Hi everyone,
Looking to get a midi controller. I'm not a keyboard player mainly looking to laying down drum loops down to record songs. Do I need a keyboard with more than 25 keys ? I found a M-audio Axiom $75. Looking forward to any recommendation. Jeff


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If you're mainly thinking about laying down drum loops; i'd suggest a pad controller :eek:

You've got lots of options, the Akai LPD-8 and the Korg Nanopad are probably the cheapest, then there's tha Akai MPD 18 if you want 16 pads instead of 8, Maudio trigger finger, Korg Padkontrol...

I suggest you check which suit your needs and budget best (there's also controllers with keys AND pads!) on your favorite online store and then try out as many as you can in a physical shop.


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Like Grumo mentioned, a keyboard with pad would be great!

But, i would recommend more then 25 keys.. It'll do at first but you're gonna miss a few extra keys after a while.
So unless you're like "well, if i need more then i'll jsut go do an upgrade" then ye, go for a 25 keys. But otherwise you'll end up having two keyboards.


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One thing to think about is the future in that you might want keys one day so it might be better to make a small investment that in time could turn into a savings and be a true kick in the butt to get you going on learning the keys. An all in one controller gets you way more then just the pads or keys. Just something think about.


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seeing as the grown up have answered sensibly i'll add my pennies.
it depends on what you prefer pads or keys and then the one is best for you.
once apon a time my midi keyboard got broken.
i couldn't afford a new one.
so i had to learn to use the matrix back to front.
that was years ago
now you can use the seq in a matrix, redrum or a thor.
and lots of cables.
good luck.


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I have several MIDI-Controllers, and I tried out even more. None of them was really expensive, you can get nice stuff for not too much money.

A keyboard with more than 25 keys is essential for me, but it really depends on what you do. I got an M-Audio Oxygen49 which suits me nicely, and it also has nice and smooth faders and rotary knobs. I also used to have an Arturia MINILab, but I didn't like the feel of the rotary encoders, the mod strips (I prefer wheels), and 25 keys were not enough for me.

Anyway, if you're into programming drums, you might want to try a cheap pad controller. I really like my Akai MPD18, the pads feel great. It only has one ***ignable fader, but for drums that's enough for me.


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faders and rotary knobs are a nice little ***et indeed. I really love having them. As for a drum pad; i hvae the korg nanopad 2, lovely little thing and it aint that pricey either!


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I started with the M-audio 25 that you are speaking of, found I needed more keys. I now have the Nektar Panorama P-4, and find it to be all I need. It was designed for Reason, and has pads on it.
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