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Evening Warmth

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The material for the album has been an on going effort for the past year and a half, with a mix of old jazz standards and originals. I've been wanting some constructive criticism for some time and hope you enjoy even if you don't like that kind of music. Link in the signature:)


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i think the drums you are using need eq across the board for example in Kathy circle blues those toms are really ringing out frequencies that clash with the key of the song.
the piano needs to be eq-ed to account for the bass and vice versa across all your tracks.

a touch of reverb on your rhythm section wouldn't go a miss either as the brass and vox are recorded in a space that is considerably different to where the FSB samples are recorded.
if you listen back to loves unruly game you can hear the voice fighting the instruments to be heard. eq and side chain compression will solve this problem.
try finding a bass player who will play for you as synth/sampled bass is detracting from your performances
the vocal on deep purple needs a warmer reverb and eq-ing and that hiss is annoying. a noise gate will get rid of that.

the musical content of your tracks cannot be detracted from as you are obvsly a talented musician however the technical aspects of the recordings is letting you down.


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I actually like jazz believe it or not :p Not that i listen to it alot and im not that knowledgeable on lots of jazz artist, but "i do fancy dare i say"..

But, i agree with vocoderboy on all points actually and dont got any thing to add really. The overal sound is nice and warm though and does bring back that ol'd feel but ye, some enhanchements would definatly increase the overal quality. But like Vocoderboy said, you without a doubt a talented musician!
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