Neptune static issues/ troubleshooting


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Peace family,

I'm currently using Reason 8. I like to incorporate autotune via Neptune. While using it today, I repeatedly heard an annoying static-y sound. I insert Neptune before any equing, compression, or effects. However, I am still getting static. Has anyone else had this problem or have any idea how to fix it? Thanks in advance :)


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Hearing static would most likely have something with your audio setup/mic. How do you have everything hooked up? What Audio device are you using, what mic...ect?


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Ye, neptune should cause an increase in your noise floor.
Check you raw recording.

Be sure to have proper shielded balanced cables, and that sorta stuff.


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I'm using a Presonus Audiobox (2x2) and an AKG P120 Perception Cond. Mic. I think the problem was that my cord(s) were mashed during the recording phase. Thank you for your assistance!
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