New Beat! Feedback Appreciated!


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I prefer a steady beat but l guess that's not considered "sick" by millennials, but yeah that is one helluva groovy song, thanks!
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Great sound. It hits it for me right in the middle of the track. IMHO - I'd want to punch something into the piano in the latter half to brighten it up.


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I noticed a difference between 0:20 and 0:50 in the way that it makes me feel and at first it seems like music that would be playing as a 3rd dimentional view in a room hanging out with friends drinking and smoking. at 0;50 you bring in demons coming from behind the sofa and I'm tripin out man...


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Omg bro this beat is a dream to me. I would love to make something like this in the future . This is my style totally:)
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