new break/dub track loki prime!


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Please have a listen to my newest track! I hope you enjoy it. I have no idea what mode I'm using as I'm not very literate with music theory, but I originally started the song in C, but liked the way B sounded with what I was doing. This is what turned up I guess

This is also breakbeat with some added dub elements to it so it might not sound like much you've heard of. BPM is 120 and root key is C.

Track: Loki/Loki Prime
DAW: Reason 4 (i still have never upgraded) Nothing else.



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Sounds pretty cool. Like the melody's and arrangement as well as the overall drum sound and combinations of instruments ;)

Only thing i'd give feedback on is that the intro is kinda low on volume, i thought i had to turn my volume up a notch only to get jumped of my chair when the song kicked in :p
I always like contrast in terms of power in intro - main bit but this was a bit to much ;)

Another thing is the "harsh" frequenty's, typically in the 2,5k range Cutting out "harsh" frequency's can really clear up youre high end and make it sound more pleasent.
A good way to find them is to just hook up a mclass eq, set the width to the narrowest it can go, increase the gain (alot: +6db minimal) and sweep around till you find that youre ears start ringing and youre afraid your ear drums might burst (lowering youre output volume is recommended :p ) Then just decrease the gain.

A funny little note though, the mclass has "given" frequenty nummbers (162, 312, 625 (?) 1.3 2,5 and 5) all those ranges are problem frequency's. The lower ones tend to create muddiness (not that i found it a problem in youre song) and the higher ones are the once's creating "harsness". You might find you even want to increase the high end in youre mix after doing so!

You can do this eq trick on individual instruments, busses or final mix, but i'd reccommend doing so on at least your busses (if you have any). The thing is that, theyre mostly not that annoying on individual instruments/ channels, but tend to built up.
Sorting them out at the source is always the best though, but usually requires you having loads of eq's in youre overall project.

Another thing i found (could be a matter op opinion) is that, half way in the track it sounds a bit squashed. Did you run in trough a single compressor and or maximizer? And multiband compressor could sort that out.

Dont see this as negativity though! It's honest feedback in which, i hope might help you out ;)



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Thank you so much for your feedback!

I have just one compressor, one equalizer, and one maximizer (in this case used as a limiter) on the overall EQ of the entire track (all instruments ran thru). WHat you may be hearing, is that i included a scream distortion on the overall EQ as well, which makes the higher frequency's perhaps more noticable as they are being distorted slightly (it's not much, but its there).

On the individual instruments, I don't have much in terms of EQ going on. The lead synth is the only one with real EQ. I will fool around with eq a bit, but I really hate doing that :p

Thank you again.


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vocoderboy is right... As much as we like to think of ourselfs as musicians in a way. We actually are a bunch of nerds sitting behind a desk clicking our mouse 10.000 times a day strengthening our index finger to the point were we could point the hulk to death.

But, i'd recommend using distortion on individual channels and doing eq after the distortion for cleaning up, if youre machines is up to it.
Distorion is a wonderfull tool to create extra texture, i dont think i have a done a project in the last 2 years were there isn't a distortion unit to be found on every channel :p

But youre right, using distorion can enhacne the dirty frequency's alot, espacially on the high end. But it does depend in the type of distortion. If you want to fix that, youre actually better fordoing eq before the distortion, but have the distortion enabled when you sweep to find those frequency's.

But when you get to know eq, you'll find tweaking alot faster cause you usually end up doing the same type over and over.
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