New Ep, by Me


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Nice work, really liking it. love the light feel and dreamy-nes.
Gotta say, wasn't a big fan of "sun run"and i think you could've extended "colour" some more. The track was ending when i got fully indulged in it :p But overall, ye nice work!
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thanks man, glad you enjoyed
i must say, sun run is the weakest number on the EP, i think i gonna re-work it a little

Anyway thanks for listening, giving feedback and say your honest opinion, it's greatly appreciated
some times your not sure if people just are being nice, or say their opinion, so it's always nice to get some criticism, 'caus you know, they're honest :'D


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Haha ye, i know what you mean. I always look for an honest opinion as well (in stead of hearing "ye sounds good" from a friend from which you know he would'nt listen to it of he didn't knew it was your track), so i try to be honest as well without sounding like a complete d*ck :p

Either way, good luck with it!


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Hey guys,

wanted to share my latest work with you
and a little feedback if possible :)

Great track bro. You took me there. If I have to say anything, I'd just maybe revisit the overall High end on your stereo bus. Maybe could clean it up a bit by sending the high end ,8k and up, as side chain to a Softube compressor (if you have one available. I love that thing.But thats just me. great production and mix.
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